Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Surviving on no sleep and the new job

This is something I put together out of boredness really, it is free for you guys to re-post, ect.
So for starters I have decided I am really gonna start working towards a better blog, I have been trying to meet more bloggers and I plan on making content for military families. I especially want to focus this on facebook banners and that kind of special cute things. I would enjoy requests, ect. This above would go into my future content page. I really just want to create things for people to show off their pride in their s/o.
Anyways, I have neglected this for awhile now, and that is explaining my new job. I guess in some way it is controversial? I got a job at a Bikini Coffee shop. Before you judge, would you turn down 100 dollars a day in tips? And if so, to each their own. :] I am comfortable with myself and Pryce is fully supportive so there is no worries. :]
In other news I have to wake up in four hours to brave the snow to get to work! Wish me luck and thank God I work in Coffee!!!

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog! Blogs are a great way to hook up with other milspouses. :) Good luck with the new job!