Friday, December 30, 2011

Long time no see and surviving goodbyes

Pryce is here! That is really why I have not updated! I have been so busy hanging with Pryce, working and looking for a second job that I just put this on the back burner, but it is okay! Cause I am back ;]
Pryce leaves Sunday and I am sad as heck, but I have decided I am not gonna let it get to me as much as last time.. or at least I am gonna try not too.
These are the reasons why I need to be able to move on from it (and not cry myself to sleep every night):
1.) Pryce is doing something he really loves and it makes him happy, and therefor I need to do my best to be happy and supportive and I cant do that when I am a wreck.
2.) I am strong and need to work hard in life right now anyways, this hopefully includes school too and I am gonna keep busy and need my whole concentrations. Although Pryce would help me get through these things, I need to learn to be independent too.
3.) Life goes by pretty fast and I have this time where I am with my family and when I hopefully marry Pryce someday I wont be able to drive a few blocks to see them.
4.) I need to learn how to be away from him for future deployments.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Fourteen Days and What's your song!

FOURTEEN DAYS until I get to be kissed again, I get to be cuddled with again, until I hear his voice.
Anyways, amazing song, amazing band, link up! :]