Thursday, January 26, 2012

Link up

Im feeling pretty lonely today, so I chose this song as me link up!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Here are some goodies for you guys :]

PLEASE, if you want to request something feel free. :]
This one is a lot larger, please click on it to view full size. <3
Cover for Facebooks new facebook page design, click to see bigger!! :]]] Enjoy
Please keep in mind that these are free to use but I love getting credit and would love more people to get to know me and be able to see my future creations. I simple link to me would be appreciated. :]

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Surviving on no sleep and the new job

This is something I put together out of boredness really, it is free for you guys to re-post, ect.
So for starters I have decided I am really gonna start working towards a better blog, I have been trying to meet more bloggers and I plan on making content for military families. I especially want to focus this on facebook banners and that kind of special cute things. I would enjoy requests, ect. This above would go into my future content page. I really just want to create things for people to show off their pride in their s/o.
Anyways, I have neglected this for awhile now, and that is explaining my new job. I guess in some way it is controversial? I got a job at a Bikini Coffee shop. Before you judge, would you turn down 100 dollars a day in tips? And if so, to each their own. :] I am comfortable with myself and Pryce is fully supportive so there is no worries. :]
In other news I have to wake up in four hours to brave the snow to get to work! Wish me luck and thank God I work in Coffee!!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thank you

For the loving support. I've been really busy and haven't been able to personally write anyone. Just got a second job.
A question for my amazing followers? Do you also find it hard to sleep because you miss your SO? How do you cope with this? I find myself staying up and having serious insomnia issues, especially when I don't get to talk to Pryce much during the day. We have both been so busy. Im doing better than my last post though. I guess my sadness just built up. <3 Kelsey

Saturday, January 7, 2012

ALL the things I hate right about now

I don't know what else to do but just to write my serious anger away, after I am told I have to not get upset about not seeing Pryce for 6 months (screw that)..
I hate the Navy, first and foremost for making my life 800 times more difficult than this.
I hate my family (excludes a few) for not being able to help me in any way possible so I ALWAYS have to be on my own and hurting and abandoning me so many times that I live with this kind of pain and fear.
I hate the way my boyfriend is about anything with the word commit in it.. it clearly is not you, it is me darling. Stop blaming it on you.
I hate that I am so insecure in myself that I cant just tell him to respect me more, to stand up for me once in awhile, and maybe treat me like I am your proud of me.
I hate that every time Pryce leaves I become more and more numb and bitter.
I hate that I have to hear everyone trying to tell me I am not moral enough, I did not get 500 divorces or sleep with every guy when I was drunk so shut up that I want to work at a bikini  coffee place.
I hate that I am given shit about living where I am cause it is my only option and I am really trying to afford my own room.
I hate my friend for never being there for me because she is so preoccupied with her boyfriend that I set her up with.
I hate everyone for moving at least six hour drive away so I have no one to confide in.
Honestly, mostly I really hate myself right now for being weak enough to attack him, for getting my hopes up on something that will never be, for slowly moving myself away from God, for resenting all the things I do, for not being strong enough to be strong for him, for falling in love.
I feel as though I just need someone to cry and hug but instead I have a stuffed bear that makes me feel more angry and bitter.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It gets harder everytime

Pryce left on Sunday night and I am really feeling it, it feels like this time it is so much worse. But maybe I had just forgotten what it was like the last time. But no, I am almost positive this is worse.
I think it is because I fully understand every piece of him being gone and how I have to start the countdown for the third time.. I cant believe we have sad goodbye three times already, and this is only the beginning. I am trying my best to stay positive but I feel as though the will power is not there.
Me and my best friend basically just had our fallout, the best fallout ever, no drama. Just realization that we don't speak and have basically moved on. I have no close friends which is a huge bummer and the person I felt closest too before is on a mission trip.
I need to stay positive though.
I might be getting a new job! That is positive. Ill let you know about it if I do. :]