Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cure for AIDS??

So, I first want to say that I have been pretty busy and have not been commenting on others blogs and posting that much! But I assure you I shall catch up when I have the time :]
So today has been a pretty dull day but these last few days I have been doing training for my new job at Peet's, not only do I have to do Peet's training but I also have to do Deli and Boar's Head training, which are long and not really my thing! I am not much of a meat person but I am being positive, the more I know the better!
Anyways, anyways, I was watching the Phillip Defranco Show (great great youtube channel) and he talked about how researchers just completed a year long test of a new vaccine to treat AIDS/HIV on HIV- free volunteers, 26 out of 30 volunteers it was successful! :O I am so amazed at science! Can you guys believe that their might be a real cure for AIDS/HIV right around the corner? That HIV/AIDS will be a thing of the past? Amazing, I am praying for this vaccine to be the one for the millions of people who are affected by this disease.
Here is a link to an article about it: AIDS/HIV Vaccine
Also, I was wondering how my followers found followers, it is very difficult because even when I comment on others blogs multiple times they still seem to ignore me. It is kind of annoying, I mean yes, I understand you are busy but still. :\ and then there is the fact that there is barely any bloggers that are going through the same things as me. I guess I have to remember I am here to blog not to get support. But sometimes, I think it would be a nice a luxury to make some friends. Sigh, I made a ton of support groups for my boot camp buddies and it really helped but I have been unable to find that outlet now that he is at a- school.
Anyways, it is late and I need to go to sleep. [:


  1. I agree upon the friend thing :) When I first started it was hard (blogging) and I had few followers. Then I'd gain followers but they would never comment. Then I would wonder is anyone reading? Then I would get a text about a blog from a friend then I knew ya. I had to adjust my comments cause of someone being harassing and mean. So I have to approve them. But I can't get blogger to tell me when they are approved :/ ugh it's hard sometimes.

  2. This is amazing! MY Husband told me about this but I didn't believe him (he's full of hot air most of the time). To find followers I would start participating in Blog Hops/ Linkups. Getting followers is a slow and steady thing. But keep commenting and leave your blog url at the bottom so it's easy to reach your blog. As far as the comments. I have 117 followers and only a handful actually comment...