Monday, September 26, 2011


Hey, sorry about the rant on my last post, it is unlike me to be so bitter, it can just be tough. But I am tough too and I know I can make it through anything life throws at me.
Today was a good day! I am starting a new job soon and training has begun! Today was my first day or orientation and tomorrow is my second, at 8:00am tomorrow :| Bummeeerr. I am not a early morning person :]
I will be working at Peets, woohoo, for a grocery store!
Please give me feedback on my new layout, it took me awhile to do and I want to know the good and the bad. But be aware, I still have a few minor adjustments I am working on, but it is almost done.
If I get the layout thing down I might start making layouts on requests for free, to people who need them and don't want to have to spend money on one.

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  1. I think your layout is adorable :) ANDDDDD if you start making them for free put me down as number one on that list lol. I paid 40$ for the one that is on mine right now and now I am ready for a change!