Friday, September 23, 2011

Facing Fears and Dealing with Stress

These last few days have been better, in some ways. Mostly because I have found a few ways to entertain myself, including this blog. I have done a few renovations on the design, but I still have a lot more planned, so hooyah for an even better functioning blog! :]
I really appreciate the comments on my blog, it is nice to know that I am not alone, that there are others who are going through the same things as me. I cant wait to get to know new people in the same situation!
My other activities has been scrap booking and taking pictures of my baby cat, Kiwi.
Isn't she just adorable? She will be 5 months on October 7th :]
In other news, I faced a fear today, my fear of needles, and got my ears pierced! I got green earring because that is Pryce's favorite color! I know he is not here to see me with my ears pierced but still! I am so proud of myself, I reacted pretty well and only felt a little nauseated.
Well, still much to work on! Including a signature!


  1. Thats one thing I wish I could get into, scrapbooking. Such a great way to preserve memories. And congrats on getting your ears pierced! I am happy my mom did mine when I was a baby because I'd be terrified if I had to do it now!

  2. You and your blog are both adorable. Thank you for the kind words on my blog, I truly appreciate it.