Sunday, May 6, 2012

Blood IS thicker

Mothers Day is special, by nature we are closer to our mothers than anyone else. Really. It is true, you can say you are a Daddy's girl or fathers son but really your mom is the one you expect to protect you and to make sure you know how great you are. Granted there are some people who don't have mothers, or mother figures for that matter but even then, they know something is missing.
I love my Mom, and I am a hundred percent Daddy's girl. My Mom and I have been through a lot and have a hard time relating, what so ever. I have considered never talking to her again, I have considered telling her off. Telling her how much she hurt me, 'cause for some reason she does not see it.
But I wont. I will never tell my mother that she was a bad mother, because even though everyone thinks she is, I don't, and she wasn't. She chose beer over me multiple times, never paid attention to me, subjected me to her horrible long term boyfriend, and many boyfriends after that, denied me a home with her, she put me in bad situations, although at the times these happened I thought for sure she did not love me.
I guess maybe I could be wrong, maybe she is too self-centered to think about me.
But, she raised me and she did the darn best she could. She made so much mistakes and tarnished our relationship forever and as I was searching for her Mothers Day card and had no idea what she'd like, I realized I love someone I don't know because she is my Mom. I love her because she tried because even though she doesn't call or want a relationship with me, I will always want one with her and I will always remember her trying. Because nothing in my life or hers can ruin the kind of love you have for your Mom.


  1. She a mature way for you to look at it. Parenting is hard, let alone being a mother. There's so much pressure in being a good mom and I feel like it's my most important job I'll ever have in life.

  2. Hi Kelsey!

    I had a question for you about possibly collaborating on something (with Bear At Sea) and was hoping you could email me back to discuss? Thanks so much!

    - Emma

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