Monday, April 16, 2012

Disappeared and rant

Sorry I have been gone. I have not really needed to write. Just mostly been numb.
I am pretty much depressed. But hey, I keep trucking along and staying positive at every turn.
Even though life keeps shutting doors in my face. Thanks life.
Also, great news! It is pretty much official I wont see Pryce for 8 months this time around! Yay me. -.-
I have been hanging out with friends more, but all they do is remind me how crappy of a place I am in. One of them is engaged, which is funny in itself since she is planning it two years from now! But I love her and I am happy for her. And the other is going to this great college and complains about her boyfriend being gone for two days. Long story short, is why is everybody elses life looking up..? I work 8 times harder than them, I don't mean to tute my own horn here, but I have been through so much I deserve a break. Don't you think?
Anyways, I am so sick of the Navy boards on facebook. I knew I would be -.- They are all just so ridiculous. It is like they gather to tare people apart. I asked about the Ombudsman position, and don't get me wrong here. I know the just of them but I wanted a detailed link to them.. Which I found waiting for the response.
When someone does answer it includes a snooty remark how I don't know what they are. Yes, that is right, me the boyfriend is in a school a million miles away is gonna know that. I think I have the right to ask. Then she has the balls to ask me if she could find mine for me.
Which is seriously like two clicks on facebook, thanks for thinking I am stupid.

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