Monday, February 27, 2012

Another Freebie :]

I have been pretty busy lately; the good kind of busy though.
First off, school starts in April, I have been working on getting all my classes lined up and my scores transferred from my old school. I am super excited about it too because I have always loved learning and school in general.
Second, I work for Fred Meyer (it is an west coast high quality/untrashy Wal-Mart) and they have a lot of room for growth of the employees, since that is their goal. Anyways, because of my employment at Freddie’s I have been given the opportunity to become a Pharmacy Tech for them. It is exciting news because it pays pretty well and you usually need to go to school to get a job as a Pharm Tech. So I have been working on getting the stuff approved through the state to allow me to work back there. :^] I am super excited. It is not written in stone yet but hopefully it will be soon ;]
Also, the freebie I promised ;] It is a redo, not MY top ten,but definitely some good reasons. ;] Except the taking orders one, that one is not true with Pryce at all. The one I made:  

 This is the original, I DID NOT MAKE THIS ONE. Just wanted to share it too even though there is only NINE(9!!!!) not ten. x]

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  1. What a great opportunity to become a pharmacy tech! I have been looking into going to school for this!