Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled in one

Wow, I cant believe Thanksgiving is on Thursday. Meaning in about a month Pryce will be with me, I am so excited!!! And it helps since I have been really lonely lately, and feeling a little weathered down.
I also threw together a Christmas layout for my blog, although it needs some serious TLC as of the moment since I really just designed it in photoshop without seeing the affect. Gah. So I have work to do! But it is almost four in the morning and I have work tomorrow! So I really should just be getting to bed.
I have lost a LOT of blog members which bums me out since that means that I HAVE been really neglecting you guys, that is soo not my intentions. I love reading your blogs! But I find that the blogging world can be so busy and hard to keep up with! But, I did just start this to write. So here I am writing my feelings. hah.
I hope everyone is doing well and has an AMAZING Thanksgiving because I know each and everyone of you deserve it!

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  1. Aww yay I'm so glad Pryce is going to be home soonish. I know it still can feel worlds away at this point. I've been pretty down lately too (thus my thankful post to make myself be a little more positive haha). These stinkin' holidays can really remind us when we're alone. But, I love the new Christmas look! You're so talented. I wish I knew how to make my own designs.