I make layouts.
Here is the deal with layouts, they are FREE but to get one you still have to do me a favor and get choosen:
1.) Link me from your blog
2.) Give credit to me and to the places I got the resources I use (brushes, fonts, ect)
3.) Get choosen, I will not pick a brand new blog with no followers to make a blog for since I want the blog to be used. :]

MY current list of layouts :]
Brittany Sommer :]

What I need from you!
When I choose you I need
- Pictures you want on the blog header
- Colors you like
- A certain theme, retro? 80's? so on..
- External links you want me to make buttons for (like the "home" button on my layout)

Please feel free to post a comment on any of my blog with your interest and your blog link, I will decide and get back to you.
Remember please that I only do layouts when I have time and do not make them for everyone, luckily I do not have this problem yet. :]